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Komal Oli Biography Nepali CelebrityKomal Oli is a popular Media Personality and Singer. This is a auto-biography from her.

I was born to Lalit and Deepa on April 16 in Tikari, Dang. I have three other siblings, me being the eldest.

I spent my entire childhood at my hometown — Dang. I was very michevious when I was a kid. I still remember the days when my father used to cook delicacies at home and used to announce that he would give it to the ones who could sing. Whenever he used to come up with this contest, I would always come first. Then, my brothers and my sister used to get jealous of me. I was no different in my school when it came to breaking the rules. Since I was the captain there what I used to do was, I never used to allow other than my friends to go to the toilet. Because of my curls, I was given the nickname ‘Kuthurkey’. I was not that fair and because of it I was also called ‘Kali’. Once it so happened that one of my friends along with a couple of others with whom I had an argument pushed me and I landed up in a dump. Because of this incident, I was not able to go to school for a week. As soon as a I was able to stand up on my legs, I formed a gang and waited for my rivals who were on their way to school. As soon as they came towards us, we beat them up! Then after, the entire village had to come to make peace betweeen the two gangs.

I received my basic education at one of the local schools of Dang called Mahendra Madhyamik Vidhyalaya. I completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from that institution itself. Later I joined, Mahendra Bahumukhi Campus from where I finished my plus two. Now, I am doing my Bachelors at TribhuvanUniversity with majors in Politics. It has already been two years and I am still not able to get through my back papers.

Whatever I know in music, the base of the foundation was developed at my hometown. Whenever there used to be any function at school, I used to make it a point to particiapte along with my friends. My father always used to encourage me to sing. During that time, I often used to hear “Mai Chori Sundari”, “Parwati Ho Mero Nam” among others through Radio Nepal and was pretty fascinated with it.

It was in 2046 BS when Radio Nepal had organized ‘National Folk Songs Competition’. I was able to bag the second position in. Till date, I have never taken any classes/traning in music. After singing at Radio Nepal, I started learning the finer details on music at home. In 2046, Music Nepal offered me Rs. 1,400/- for an album of mine called ‘Raptiko Jharana’ and introduced it in the market. Since then, I have already taken out 12 albums. Some of my well known albums are ‘Bajho Kethma’, ‘Malmal Kiri Junkiri’, ‘Charichuchey Cha’, ‘Maya Basyo Jiri Bazaarma’, ‘Bihey Bha Chaina’ and ‘Poilo Jana Pam’.

I have been in the Music industry of Nepal for more than 10 years and during all this time, I have been showered with love, respect, popularity and even some good scoldings. I have also been awarded with Narayan Gopal Yuba Sangeet Puraskar, Gorkha Dakshin Bahu, Trishakti Patta and Rastriya Prathibha Puraskar. I am also the five time recipients of gold medals at the National Lok Dohori competition hosted by Radio Nepal starting from 2041 BS until 2046 BS. In context of programs and events besides various places in Nepal, I have also been to Japan, Europe, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Australia among others.

As of now, I am working on the details of my next album. This album is going to be different from my usual ones. I won’t be featuring any other artists this time and the songs on this venture will comprise of yesteryear melodies as well as some new ones.

I have been involved with music since the time I can remember and besides my involvement in the field, I am also having a good time as a mediaperson. When I came to Kathmandu in 2049 BS, Radio Nepal had opened up a vacancy at their station. I also filled the form and I was chosen as a newsreader. That was on Basaikh 6, 2050 BS at 5 pm that I read my first news. I was also employed at Nepal Television as a newsreader where I worked for four years! Now, I am working with Kantipur Television. I present a show called ‘Ukali Orali Bhanjyang Chautari’.

I also operate a media company called Media Matter. We hold regular classes on anchoring and reporting and also do other works related to the media. Soon indeed, I am also planning to come up with Kathmandu Newsline.Com.

I am of the opinion that I have spent time recklessly but during this while, I have been able to gain a lot of appreciation, care and love. Life is all about struggle and managing time properly. Everyone has to struggle. That one thing which I like about myself is that I have never been jealous of anyone.

For me love and marriage is the declaration of you and your loved one being together. I am satisfied and content and happy with the way I am leading my life right now. There are many marriage proposals coming my way but whenever I ask them to come and meet me, I don’t know why but they never do. I also want to get settled down someday but this does not mean that I am in a hurry.

Since I am an artist, sometimes it becomes hard to lead a simple life. There is no guarantee that all marriages end up working out. I am not a kind of person who sacrifices one’s happines for others. I want to lead life the way I want to.

Like love and marriage sex is also a necessity of ones life. But, we should not forget where we live…our culture and tradition.

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