Ria Acharya - Miss Teen Green Nepal 2011

Ria Acharya is the first ever Miss Teen Green Nepal 2011, which was held at Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi on January 14, 2011. She won the title among 26 other contestants and as a Miss Teen Green, she will will promote local conservation leadership by actively taking part in supporting environmental programs.

Ria Acharaya Miss Teen Green Nepal

Here’s something more you would like to know about her.

Hobbies/Interest: painting.

Ambition in life: to work for United Nations.

Life is : a reality to be experienced which makes good man a maker and bad man a breaker.

Beauty is: can’t be defined it depends on ones perception.

According to you a good model should possess: A model should possess a good personality and have dedication towards the work.

On a date you would like to go out with:
I would like to go out with Christiano Ronaldo.

What attracts you to the opposite sex? Personality.

What made you interested to participate in Miss Teen Green Nepal?
I always wanted to be a media icon and I thought Miss Teen Green Nepal would be a bridge to it.

What is that one special quality that you possess which would help you to win the title?
My self confidence.

She finally made it to the title among all other twenty six participants!

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