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Astha B is one of the popular singers of Nepal. She started her singing career in 2009 and has already released her first album “Astha”. Here’s details of this singer.

Aastha Bhandari bio
Name: Astha B.

Friends Call me: Astha

Birth Date: 14th Dec, 1992

Birthplace: Koteshwor, Ktm

Zodiac Sign: Saggitarus

Profession: Singer/Student

Academic Qualification: +2(running)

About Me: Cool minded, fun loving, friendly etc.

First Recorded Song: Aakhama Aansu

Visan Yonjan/ Biju Bajra/Bzu Karmacharya/Sudip Giri/Me myself

Music Arranged by: Bzu Karmacharya/Biju Bajra

Good things about me: I am helpful and friendly.

Worst things about me: I am very short tempered….

Source of inspiration: My family

Hobbies & Interests: Listening 2 music,watching movies etc.

Fav Bands: Lots n lots 2 mention.

Fav Movies: Millionaire’s First Love, Love Me Not etc.. etc..

Fav Songs:A lot 2 mention

Turns on: Music

Turns off: When someone hurts me.

Memorable moment: My first live performance.

How do you describe:

Life: Is beautiful.

Love: Is a kind of feeling.

Sex: Desire…

Marriage: Is a bond.

Music: Is something which strikes everybody’s heart.

Message to viewers/fans:
Thnx 2 everybody who has been appreciating my songs and keep supporting me by listening 2 my songs….

Astha B was nominated for the best female pop vocal category of the year in the Image Award 2010. The song which was nominated for this category is “Timi nai chau” from her album ‘Astha”.

Aastha Bhandari Singer

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