Dilip Rayamajhi Biography

Dilip Rayamajhi is one of the leading actor in Nepali movie industry. He has acted in numerous hit movies and he is quite popular among Nepali girls.
Born as Dilip Rayamajhi to a medium class family in Jhakha, Kirtipur, he grew up with a large family members consisting of his grandmother, father, mother, two elder sisters, one elder brother, nephew Sunil Karki and other close cousins. His wife is named Manju; they have one daughter, Dipika.

Dilip Rayamajhi Filmography (as actor)

Dilip Rayamajhi2001 SuperStar
2001 Ke Bho Lau Na Ni
2001 Darpan Chhaya
2001 Ke Bho Lau Na Ni
2001 Afno Ghar Afno Manche
2001 Badal Paree
2001 Darpan Chaya
2002 Sahid Gate
2002 Mitini
2002 Mamaghar
2002 Dhansamphati
2004 Parenni Maya Jalaima

Dilip Rayamajhi has produced two movies Hami saathi bhai and Shahid, in which he also performed. Both have received favourable reviews from critics worldwide.

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