Amisha Basnet Biography

Amisha Basnet (born on April 19, 1981 in Mahaboudha, Kathmandu, Nepal), is a Nepali model, dancer and actress who works in Nepali films and television as well as music video. Amisha Basnet has worked in Nepali serials and cinema. She is also a cultural and traditional dancer. Though she has appeared in a considerable number stage programmer in Germany,Switzerland, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong as well as United Arab Emirates.

Amisha Basnet

Amisha Basnet made her acting debut in the Nepali movie samaya (2004). She has played the lead role in samaya alongside with actress Arunima Lamsal and actor Dinesh Sharma. Though the film did not do well, but her acting and performance are highly acclaimed. Amisha Basnet has mostly appeared in serious and realistic series and cinema. She also did uncountable television commercial advertisements. She has completed her BA in Humanities from padma Kanya campus Bagbazar.

Her Filmography

* Samaya * Bhagya afno * Vangsa * Janmabhumi

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